JOSEPH&STACEY pursues to share the eternal value of lifelong product by the countless generations of mothers
and their daughter, and fathers and their sons. JOSEPH&STACEY keeps in mind the harmony of the best quality material,
qualified making, and the practical functions of the product as well as the beauty of outfit.
This philosophy makes the customer’s life value with JOSEPH&STACEY products.

JOSEPH&STACEY considers the practical functions as the priority when designed. UX (User eXperience),
lightness, workable function and right size fit and shape for users makes difference on product and
this meaningful study and experience improves user’s convenience.
The best quality material prolongs the life of the product.
The customers are impressed by the harmony of no more or less qualified durability and
bold designs reflecting the characterized element of material. 
And the sensuous product continues to hand down from generation to generation.
JOSEPH&STACEY also tries best to develop the raw materials and improves the technical skills on manufacturing.

The qualified making starts from the raw materials development and 
JOSEPH&STACEY is paying attention to all the process of the manufacturing from the raw material to the final product.
JOSEPH&STACEY is making the products with more than 20year experienced artisans and
JOSEPH&STACEY is collaborating the authentic outfit and skillful manufacturing for the perfect product.